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The legal structure of GEAT

GEAT is the Groote Eylandt Aboriginal Trust

  • The “Charitable Trust”
  • The Trust Deed is the rule book for GEAT

GEAT Incorporated is the Trustee for the Groote Eylandt Aboriginal Trust

  • The “Association” 
  • The Constitution is the rule book for GEAT Incorporated

GEAT Incorporated has a Management Committee (MC)

  • The MC consists of 9 members made up of 6 Community Members and 3 Independent Members
  • The Chairperson is an Independent Member and the Vice Chairperson is a Community Member
  • The MC must meet a minimum of 4 times per year


  • Sub-committees are appointed by the MC
  • Sub-committees are delegated duties and spending limits
  • At least 2 members of the MC sit on a sub-committee
  • There are currently 4 sub-committees of the MC:
    • Charitable Grants Committee
    • Finance and Audit Committee
    • Risk Committee
    • Marketing and Promotion Committee 

Reference Groups

  • Reference groups are the voice of the community
  • GEAT facilitates regular meetings in each community
  • The community is able to put forward requests, raise issues and matters for the MC to consider


  • The people who work for GEAT Incorporated
  • Managers
  • Angurugu office employees
  • Market Garden employees

Management Committee members

The current nine committee members are:

Angurugu members

  • Ms Kitesha Wurrawilya
  • Mr Wilfred Lalara – Vice Chairperson

Milyakburra members

  • Mr Eric Wurramara
  • Ms Violet Huddlestone

Umbakumba members

  • Ms Betty Herbert
  • Mr Jason Yantarrnga

Independent members

  • Mr Bruce Fadelli
  • Ms Meriel Corbett-Weir 
  • Mr Peter McQueen – Chairperson

Past members

We also acknowledge the hard work and contributions past members have made to shape what GEAT is today:

  • Mr Elvis Bara 
  • Mr Fred Yantarrnga
  • Ms Geraldine Amagula
  • Mr Hugh Bradley 
  • Ms Louisa Amagula
  • Ms Lucille Wurramara

Governing documents

Our governing documents and audited financial statements can be found here on the Australian Charities and Not-for-profit Commission website.