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GEAT Board of Trustees

In 1969 the missionaries established GEAT. A formal Trust Deed was created to set out the fundamental rules of the Trust. These basic rules still apply today. The rules require that the money only be used for charitable purposes.

From 1969 to 2012 GEAT followed and operated, with some small changes, to this Trust Deed.

In 2012 the Warnindilyakwa people asked the Northern Territory Attorney-General (AG) to make changes to the 1969 Trust Deed. The people wanted stricter rules to prevent losses. The AG appointed a Statutory Manager to be in charge of GEAT. The Statutory Manager held many community meetings with the people to work out the new rules.

In 2015 the AG introduced the new rules for GEAT that were, "made by the people - for the people".

Changes to the Trust Deed included:

  • a list of charitable categories where money can only be spent
  • a minimum of 50% of the net income of the Trust must be deposited in the Preservation Fund (previously known as the Mothership Fund) for the future after mining

Changes to the Association included:

  • the people asked to have 3 Independent members on the Management Committee, to make sure the rules would be followed
  • the people asked for each of the 3 main communities to have a voice on the Management Committee
  • the new Management Committee started in 2015 replacing the Statutory Manager
  • the new Management Committee has been working well together and GEAT is now in a very good financial position


The legal structure of GEAT

GEAT is the Groote Eylandt Aboriginal Trust

  • the "Charitable Trust"
  • the Trust Deed is the rule book

GEAT Incorporated is the Trustee for the Groote Eylandt Aboriginal Trust

The MC is the Management Committee of GEAT Incorporated

  • the MC consists of 6 Community members and 3 Independent members
  • the Chairperson is an Independent member and the Vice Chairperson is a Community member
  • each member is appointed by the NT Attorney-General for 3 years
  • the MC must meet a minimum of 4 times per year


  • set up by the MC
  • delegated duties and spending limits
  • at least 2 members of the MC sit on a sub-committee
  • there are currently 3 sub-committees: the Charitable Grants Committee, Finance Audit and Risk Committee and Operations Committee

Reference Groups

  • the voice of the community
  • MC members and GEAT Manager hold meetings in each community before and after the MC meets
  • the people are able to put forward requests, raise issues and matters for the MC to consider
  • the people receive reports about GEAT


  • the people who work for GEAT Incoporated
  • Manager
  • Angurugu office employees
  • Market Garden employees
Annual Reports
Trust Deed
Strategic Plan


Charitable Grants
Corporate Structure 


GEAT Management Committee - current members


Hugh Bradley - Chair

Hugh is a long term Darwin resident and was a partner of Darwin based law firm Ward Keller solicitors from 1971 until 1998, including managing partner for the final 12 years of that term.  From 1998 to 2006 he held commission as the Chief Magistrate of the NT. During his legal career Hugh practiced substantially in the litigation area specialising in the spheres of insurance, work health, defamation, licensing and Aboriginal land rights.  

Throughout his professional career Hugh has held numerous professional and community based appointments including President of the NT Law Society, Director of the Territory Building Society and Director and Deputy Chairman of the Territory Insurance Office, Community Member of the Red Cross Blood bank Committee and Founding Committee member of the NT chapter of Lord Taverner’s.

Bruce Fadelli

Bruce is a Territorian who has worked in the private and not for profit sectors in Australia and SE Asia for the past 47 years. Bruce has a diverse range of experience at the local, national and international levels in civil and building construction, transport, trade, manufacturing, retail and tourism operations, supply chain logistics, government policy and public affairs.

Currently - Bruce is an Independent Member of the GEAT Management Committee, the Chairperson of a number of private companies, a member of the National Defense Reserves Support Council in Canberra and a member of the NT Government Business Advisory Council.

Bruce has held a diverse range of past positions on local, national and international Boards, Councils and Committes.  


Meriel Corbett-Weir 

Spanning a career of 25 years Meriel has performed many and varied executive leadership roles in the public, corporate and not for profit sector where she has specialised in facilitating public private partnerships, corporate governance, strategic stakeholder engagement and capacity building.

Meriel is recognised for her strong and demonstrated commitment to strategic community engagement and serves on not for profit management committees and boards where she is responsible for strategic planning,  corporate relations and media management.

Meriel is passionate about supporting and advancing the cultural  sector in the Northern Territory and mentors organisations as they are challenged with the constant pursuit to grow and flourish whilst striving for sustainable economic viability. Meriel is a long term Territorian.

Wilfred Lalara, representative for Angurugu

Willy has had a long working history including as a security officer with Wormald, Groote Eylandt Shire Council and GEAT. Willy is a member of the Groote Eylandt Training & Education Advisory Committee and is a director of the Arririki Aboriginal Corporation.  Willy is a senior man with the Lalara clan and also fosters a number of children in need on an ad hoc basis with his wife.

Louisa Amagula, representative for Angurugu

Eric Wurramara, representative for Milyakburra

Eric is a Milyakburra leader and the current Wurramara clan and Milyakburra Community representative on the Anindilyakwa Land Council Executive Board. Eric was previously a member of the Community Advisory Committee which reported to the former Statutory Manager.

Lucille Wurramara, representative for Milyakburra

Lucille has had a long working history at the Anindilyakwa Land Council, Outback Stores at Angurugu, the Milyakburra Shire Council and the former Angurugu Council.

Betty Herbert, Vice Chairperson and representative for Umbakumba

Betty served 11 years with the NT Police and was a Senior Aboriginal Community Police Officer until retiring in December 2017. Betty is the Chairperson of the Groote Eylandt Milyakburra Youth Development Unit and a member of the Crime Victims Advisory Committee.  Betty’s service to her community was recognised with her being awarded the Groote Eylandt Citizen of the Year award in 2014.  Betty is well known and widely respected throughout Groote Eylandt and her knowledge of the personalities amongst the GEAT beneficiaries is invaluable to the committee.

Fred Yantarrnga, representative for Umbakumba

Freddy is employed by Umbakumba Clinic and also a director of the Aminjarrinja Enterprises Aboriginal Corporation. Freddy was appointed to the Management Committee in 2017 for a 3-year term.

  • Managment Committee Minutes
  • Meeting dates 
  • Independant Committee Members 
  • Community Committee Members