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The Trust supports a number of programs and actvities that improves the community.

Develop Leaders
It is proposed that a Leadership Program is developed which is open to indigenous employees across the Groote archipelago, regardless of the organisation they work in. This program would ensure that key positions within the ALC, GEBIE and its subsidiaries, East Arnhem Shire Council, Aminjarrinja, Groote Eylandt Aboriginal Trust and other organisations have a succession plan for indigenous staff to move into leadership roles. 

The program would be aimed at up-skilling indigenous employees in areas of literacy and numeracy, computer skills, report writing, understanding policies and procedures, cross cultural brokerage, specific skills to undertake their roles and career development. The program would be headed by a Steering Committee that would develop the terms of reference and to oversee and endorse the development of the program.

Community Safety
The Trust is keen to work with stakeholders to implement a Community Safety plan. It is an advocate for the continuation of the Community Engagement Police Officer role and continues to work with the  NT Police Commissioner to incrementally increase police presence in communities.

Substance Abuse
Partnering with medical professionals and governments to manage substance misuse is essential. If this initial issue has not been addressed, it will impact on training programs and seeking and retaining employment. Work with community and agencies to develop a holistic five-year action plan to address substance misuse is a work in progress.


Eylandt Transport Services
One People One Voice Festival
AFL trip to Gove
Groote Eylandt & Milyakburra Youth Development Unit
Women's Centre renovations



In the Community
Related projects

Groote Eylandt Transport Services

 In 2014 the Groote Eylandt Aboriginal Trust (GEAT) purchased two new Toyota 22 seater Coaster Buses with the aim to:

  • Create an alternate transport system for the people of Groote Eylandt, particularly those living in Umbakumba, who did not own a personnel vehicle and required access to Angurugu, the main service-hub and the mining township of Alyangula.
  • Transport people around the Eylandt for Cultural events

GEAT has based one of the two buses in Umbakumba and has contracted Aminjarrinja Enterprises Aboriginal Corporation (AEAC-Aminjarrinja), of Umbakumba, to operate the service from Umbakumba to Angurugu and Alyangula, return, two times daily from Monday to Friday. The same Bus has also been collecting people from the Malkala homeland and the Airport. AEAC also provides the drivers and it is a successful showcase for 100 per cent Indigenous employment. 

The Bus service has been a great success providing a safe, free and regular service to the remote people of Umbakumba.  The feedback from the Groote Eylandt communities has been very positive - so much so - that the peoples of Angurugu and Malkala and the people from the Milyakburra community on Bickerton Island are now requesting that the transport service be extended with the second bus to supplement the existing bus service and a Ferry/Water Taxi service between Milyakburra and Alyangula also commenced.

The extra bus service and a Ferry/Water Taxi service will provide the main communities of the archipelago with a complete transport system. 

The additional Bus service will run from Angurugu to Alyangula, adding to the current bus run from Umbakumba via Angurugu to Alyangula return, and would drop off and meet passengers of the Ferry/Water Taxi service between Alyangula and Bickerton Island

The Ferry/Water Taxi service is planned to operate between Alyangula and Milyakburra, return, two times daily from Monday to Friday. It will provide a number of benefits to the peoples of Bickerton Island, such as:

  • Offer greater employment possibilities, such as accessing GEMCO jobs, as did the first bus for the people of Umbakumba
  • Employ more drivers and boat deck hands
  • Significantly reduce the safety issues around small ocean craft undertaking the water crossing between the two islands
  • Financial savings to attend Cultural events, medical requirements and access to Angurugu, the main service-hub and the mining township of Alyangula. Currently to access these service the people rely on small ocean craft or costly air charter flights 
  • Financial savings for agencies that provide the various services to the people, who also rely on costly air charter flights. These savings have the potential to be translated into increased service levels. 

The GEAT Management Committee and the Anindilyakwa Land Council (ALC) Board have approved the joint funding for a two (2) year period to provide the main communities of the archipelago with a complete transport system – Bus services and Ferry/Water Taxi service. 

GEAT will continue to contract Aminjarrinja Enterprises Aboriginal Corporation (AEAC-Aminjarrinja) to provide the complete transport system – Bus services and Ferry/Water Taxi service for the two (2) year period.

For an up-to-date schedule download the bus timetable here



One People One Voice Festival 2015

One People One voice Festival

  • Funding of $50,000 provided by GEAT
  • Transport of community members to and from the festival
  • Staff volunteered with setup and pack down
  • Celebration of Groote Eylandt culture, unified the island

 The GEAT building mural was created during this period by a spray paint artist specifically here for the festival. The mural represents the Aboriginal story for the creation of the Emerald River (Angurugu) featuring the shovel nose shark and sawfish.

The One People One Voice Festival (2015) was once again a collaborated success that unified the Groote Eylandt archipelago and wider East Arnhem communities with rich cultural displays and celebration.  The three day festival that was held in Umbakumba drew members of the Groote Eylandt together to create a spectacle of traditional bush food, dance, live bands, artistic displays, youth activities, and celebration of Anindilyakwa culture.

The day’s highlights produced unforgettable memories for all involved. By day the youth thrived amongst cultural activities closely guided by senior community members. Local artists showcased their talents, softball and AFL teams battled in front of the crowds, and guests were given the opportunity to feast on local bush tucker including an array of local seafood. As the sun set and bellies filled, the local school children lit the night’s sky with handcrafted lanterns, as the triumph of traditional dance, song, and music stimulated an extraordinary spectacle, and the talk of the town for days on end.

The coordinators of the One People One Voice Festival would have not been able to make this a success without the ongoing support of Groote Eylandt organisations. GEATs contribution to this event included significant funding, transport logistics, and volunteer work. GEAT hopes to support the One people One Voice Festival into the future, especially after the acknowledgement of the success of last year’s festival was provided when judged “Event Of The Year” at the BHP Billiton Australia Day awards in January 2015. Something the community is building to accomplish once again.

AFL trip to Gove

  • GEAT funded the AFL boys to fly to Gove for a weekend tournament. (25/09/15)
  • This included beneficiaries from Angurugu and Umbakumba teams.
  • There was lots of great feedback from the organizers about Groote eylandt representatives.

Groote Eylandt & Milyakburra Youth Development Unit (GEMYDU)

  • GEAT supports GEMYDU and its important work with Anindilyakwa youth. This year GEAT funding will be directed towards on-island counselling services. This will allow GEMYDU to employ a resident counsellor to engage with youth. Funds will also be used for training and education around mental health and suicide prevention.

Women's Centre renovations

GEAT funded some renovations at the Angurugu Women’s Centre, including a new paint job and commercial kitchen set up. This allows the local women to have a safe meeting place that provides traditional women’s activities, interactive cooking and safe food handling skills.